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90 Day Refund Policy

We at Wealth Builders of America want you to know, feel and experience how awesome you truly are. We want you to stop struggling financially, feeling stuck, self-sabotaging your dreams, living a life of excuses, or playing a victim role in your life. We know our program works, IF you use it.

Just imagine if you never showed up for your exams, or did your “homework assignments” from school, do you think you should pass your class? We have the battle proven and tested technologies and processes to totally transform your life, help you achieve your goals and dreams, financial success and inner peace IF you follow the Wealth Without a Job system as prescribed.

Our system has transformed thousands and thousands of peoples lives all around the world, some who were once resistant to it.  By Investing in This System, You have Decided to Do Something Different taking the risk to start improving your life and drop old self-sabotaging habits that no longer serve you.  The Wealth Without a Job System will create a new Routine or set of Habits that will create a MASSIVE positive change in your overall life as well.  But, only if You Use It.

Our policy is that you may qualify for a refund only if you can prove that you have completed the 90 Day Wealth Conditioning System EVERYDAY for 90 days in a row showing us that you used the methods as presented and we’ll give you your money back. If you have followed ALL parts of the system for 90 consecutive days and still have not seen ANY positive changes in your life, then you can apply for a refund by clicking here.

If you want a refund and have not started using the 90 Day Wealth Conditioning Program yet which is part of your Wealth Without a Job System, we can offer you another 90 days from today to get started!   To start manifesting that amazing life you desire, you must do things differently starting right now. Even when you truly follow all aspects of the daily routine as prescribed for only a few days, you will see that your thinking and energy will have changed and your outlook will be completely different.  When you Take the First Initial Step to do something totally different that’s how you can create tremendous change in your life.  When you start right now and follow the action steps given to you in the 90 Day Wealth Conditioning System daily, you are taking one massive leap towards creating that amazing life that you signed up for!

Why is our refund policy set up this way?

Like anything in life, you must do the work to see results. We don’t want you to walk away empty handed, thinking that you failed again at yet another self-help experience.  This is not the magic program that makes all your dreams come true in 24 hours just by just reading or listening to it (although it has worked like that for some people)! Understand, your purchase was an investment in your future self. It was a sign that you’re ready to totally transform your life forever.  All the tools and materials you need to assist you in this transformation are inside your Wealth Without a Job System.  All you need to do is to make the decision to use it.

We know it can be hard at first to try something new. We are very familiar with the self sabotaging mindset that ends up creating a stuck feeling and failure in people’s lives. Stop going down this road any further.  We know that through doing the daily exercises in the 90 Day Wealth Conditioning System for even 3 weeks in a row, you’ll see a new more empowered, alive and financially healthy you come to life!  Issues of low self esteem, poor attitude, low energy, and financial struggle seem to miraculously disappear for those who follow this routine.  Again, thousands and thousands of people of all ages, sizes, creed, backgrounds, skill sets, etc. have found it to be nothing short of miraculous.  We want you to experience this for yourself and actually transform your life just like all the other people that have used this system before you.

If you don’t do follow through with your end of this deal and refuse to do the work and change your poor habits of living that don’t support you in your quest to achieve what you desire and deserve, then you’re simply sabotaging yourself. This system is here to help you stop that pattern and transform your life. And if you rely on your excuses to remain stuck in old habits that hurt you, then giving a refund for these excuses doesn’t support you in breaking these patterns. If you had a coach, wouldn’t you want them to hold you accountable so that you can manifest your dreams and desires?

Of course you would.  Otherwise you wouldn’t hire a coach, would you?

Don’t you want to experience what its like to manifest the dream life that you desire?

I know that deep inside your being that you have everything you need to create ANYTHING your heart desires. The Wealth Without a Job System has done exactly this for thousands and thousands of people so I know it will work for you. You have nothing to lose and a fabulous life to gain.  This we can guarantee in 90 days or less, but only if You Use It! This is perhaps the most amazing transformation experience you will ever have in your life.  Do not miss out.  Get ready to step into your true greatness and have fun learning how to change your thinking and manifest your dreams faster than you ever though possible!

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